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Yel002 是一種在實驗室中發現的物質,可防止輻射、紫外線、化學致癌物、氡、香煙煙霧、空氣污染和放射性碘。


但除了 Yel002 Protecta 護膚霜之外,還有鱷梨油、蘆薈凝膠、可可脂、薑油和蜂蠟等純有機成分,使皮膚更光滑、更緊緻,並具有抗衰老作用。 


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Disclamer: Do not ingest this product, and if you do, it is on your own risk. No clinical trial has indicated yet that ingesting this cream cures COVID19. We will start trials soon. In the meantime we cannot be responsible for any lack of effect, or any adverse effect or any other effect.

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