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Image by Gemma Chua-Tran


Caroline lives in LA, she is 31 and a young professional. Every day she is surrounded by environmental toxins. When she walks out of the house, her skin is immediately confronted with UV light.

When she hangs out with her best friend her skin absorbs the cigarette smoke of her best friend's cigarette.

When she walks to the grocery store her skin collects the air pollution caused by traffic.


Caroline is afraid that her skin will be affected badly in the long run by all the environmental toxins nowadays. 

The mission of Protecta Skincare is, therefore, to protect people's skin with its unique formula from bad environmental toxins. We want our clients to feel safe.

More Testimonials

Meet Robert

"This is the result of using it for years"

I am using this skin cream for many years now and my skin looks firmer and smoother. It helped me prevent wrinkles.

It can proudly say that this cream improved the consistency and the health of my skin tremendously.

Meet Annemarie

"I feel younger and more protected at the same time"

At the age of 60, I can say that I have used many skin creams in my life but I have never felt so good as with this one.

The rich formula of the cream makes my skin more smooth and firm. At the same time, I feel protected from environmental toxins. Because over the years pollution has increased dramatically from traffic, smoke and other factors. I want to treat my skin as good as I can.

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