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From the Philippines,

Protecta Skin Care Product

I am not an idol of creams especially healing creams, I did not believe that the ingridients were curing skin disease until I discovered the Cream made by Mr. Robert and here changed my perspective when it comes to using body creams.

I used it on the part of my body that was itchy and here I saw that it healed. I also used this cream on my aunt who has a sore face and itches on the body as if my aunt herself was happy with the result of this cream on her body. The wound was removed in just 2 days and the result was very good immediately. So I recommend this Protecta Cream to people like me who didn’t believe in creams back then.


Your cream got rid of a large bruise I had in record time. I’m really grateful for your cream.  From Tara.

Comment from Dr. Schiestl: "Tara bought 15 big jars so far and uses it all over her body including in her hair."


BTW,  a friend was over on Xmas day who hasn't seen my face for months.
She kept staring at me and finally said, 'what do you Do?
Your skin is glowing!'
Well, I have been using the protecta cream since April.

Dr. Schiestl: She bought twelve large jars of YELS cosmetic and medical creme and offers it to all her physikal therapy patients.

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